Friday, 19 November 2010

Looking Glass Blog

So flattered that a lady called Elizabeth Hitchman has devoted an entry to my work on her blog  'Looking Glass'. The blog is a mixture of art, books and lifestyle.

You can check it out here -
Linda Bennett Illustration Post on Looking Glass Blog

Since selling another fanzine to a lady in Leeds, its become quite obvious that there is a slight interest in it, so im looking for another 'Trivial Tale' to illustrate!

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

The Arts House

So for the next month you can see 8 pieces of my work in The Arts House in Stokes Croft, Bristol - Please go buy a coffee and have a look!

Of the 8 pieces is 'Home Sweet Home?'
Thanks Antonia!

I have also sold another fanzine, this time to someone more local living in Bristol!

Saturday, 30 October 2010

Urban Outfitters October

So this month has been focused around Urban Outfitters.

Also found out ive sold 3 more pieces at PRSC which is nice! So it was goodbye to 'My Things', 'Completely Utterly Lost' Oval frame print and, 'Dictionary Rose'.

Monday, 27 September 2010

V&A Friday Late and Brisfest 2010

So this week was very busy indeed for Linda!  

Spent the week creating my cards for the V & A and getting my work together for Brisfest 2010 .
On Friday i shot off to the London to help out with The V & A's September Late which had the theme 'Two's A Pair'. Specifically i helped out with the Memory Game in the Morris Room which was made up of 120 A2 Cards made by 60 artists. The V & A staff who i worked with were very welcoming and lovely to spend the evening with!

I was sad to see my cards won and taken home, but very proud! The couple who won them seemed very nice so im sure they went to a good home!As i took part in one of the games i won 2 cards myself! They are by Sweet Design Studio and one of them is currently hanging in my kitchen!

More from the Memory Game and the whole night can be found Here  (I can be spotted in the background!)

To make the night even better i bumped into Patricia Niven (of Container Plus) and Sarah Winman (her first novel is coming out next year! 'When God Was A Rabbit') And also singer Laura Steel who was very lovely. They stole me away and we went for a drink, so rushed back to get coach back to Bristol in the early hours of Saturday morning in time to set up for -

Brisfest 2010. 


Saturday, 11 September 2010

Brisfest and V&A Late September 2010

Just wanted to let everyone know that i had a lovely phone call this week informing me i am indeed taking part in Brisfest!
You can see my work at the Start Gallery from the 24th-26th September!

I have been asked to participate, on the 24th,  at the V&A London September Late, to create 2 A2 cards which will be included in a memory game....i will upload on a scanner when i have one!

Which brings me onto my next point...

I have just moved out so haven't got any new work to display as yet! Watch this space!

Tuesday, 31 August 2010

First Etsy Sale and Current projects

I would like to say thank you firstly to Bree from Australia who bought my first item my First Issue of Trivial Tales from Etsy!

Artwork im currently working on -

- A collection of sayings
- Bigger pieces for Urban Outfitters in October
- Brainstorming ideas for possible show at 'The Package'

Also sadly there has been a delay in the Cabot Circus Exhibition space, so hopefully ill keep the blog up to date when i know further details!

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Ring Ring Tshirts

The first batch! Will be going on Etsy shortly! -

Magazine Live

Today I went to the Magazine Live Event in Quakers Friars to show some of my work and generally help out.

My little corner (but still important!)

The catwalk and inflatable structure behind.

Fun time supplies!

The beginning of the 'Faces' Board - my drawing is on the far left, 5th picture up!

Three young ladies kick me off my work space!

All in all a fun day, a bit quiet, but the event is going on till Sunday. It will result in a final magazine, so watch this space for that!

PRSC also sold my 'Spotted Beetle' (bought by Zazu Owner - so thank you!) and 'Bow' Illustration to a lovely lady.

Monday, 9 August 2010

Blast From The Past!

I just wanted to remind myself how far my work has come!
Or maybe just how much its changed

UWE Foundation Display for Degree Entry 2006

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

More PRSC Auction and 100Sqft Private View

So after the sale at PRSC, I decided to take some more work there. I really would love some feedback from the person that bought my work, i wonder who they were?

'Spotted Beetle' (the picture is in a 3d frame which isn't shown here!)and 'Bow' are both in auction for another week!

On Sunday i also went to Dalston to see the 100sqft Opening Show.

Chatted to the Carne and Claire the curators and several other artists who were involved and not involved in the show.

Got some very handy tips!

My work is second row from the bottom, which i'm now thinking was a terrible choice!

There are more photographs taken on the night at

This week working on cabot circus exhibition ideas!

Monday, 26 July 2010

Cabot Circus, Ring Ring T-Shirts and My First Sale!

So this week went to the meeting with Sophie at Cabot Circus, which went really well! She told me about a couple of creative happenings which are going on in the next few months.
There is a 'Magazine Live' even running from 18th Aug - 22nd Aug which will have different creative workshops running for kids. They will end up creating a magazine with the results, i should hopefully be able to run a stall there.
There is also some exhibition space at Cabot Circus and a Cabot Circus magazine which could showcase some of my work! Sophie has also kindly forwarded contact details for Harvey Nicholls and told me to speak to Bloomsburys books, which i did!

I got chatting to the store manager, who gave me some invaluable advice on making and selling my cards. I also have other people to get in contact with from her too, so lots to do!

I have decided to branch off a little into T-shirt designs. My first batch of t-shirts were screened printed by 'Square One' on Jamaica Street in Stokes Croft. They'll be going on etsy shortly, just need to shoot them!

And finally! I sold my first piece of art work at the Dutch Auction, which i found out today!

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Look Out Etsy...

I would just like to say i have stepped my Etsy Account up a notch or two! It is now here to sell things not to just sit there and do nothing!

So have a look?

Its interesting to see the items that get lots of views and the ones that dont!
Very educational!

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Fanzine and getting a business head on!

Last week was spent creating a fanzine about the lady who collects tea bags!

It's called Trivial Tales and it really something i want to do every other month to put in suitable places around Bristol...

So if you see one, pick it up and take it home!

Yesterday went to meet with Sophie at Cabot Circus, but it got cancelled at the very last minute! Not happy but i guess this things happen. Rescheduling for next week.

Spike Island are running free sessions for advice for people who want to start their own creative business! I thought this was too good to be true and as it turns out it was as all the spaces had gone!
However going to have a chat with Amy (Spike Island lady) anyway and see if i cant get some advice and check out their studio spaces.

Today i have had my marketing head on. Reading 'Positioning: How to be seen and heard in an overcrowded marketplace'. If i want to suceed at making this into a business i need to know what im talking about!

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Website Images done!

So ive finally finished all the website imagery and sent them over to liam! Very excited to see in up and running in a month or so! Ive not put them on here as i want it to look fresh when it goes online.
I've also seen that Cabot Circus are hosting a Live Music and Art Month, so i have arranged a meeting with the marketing executive to see what i can do to get involved!

Till next time!

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Progress is being made!

Just spotted my work has been added to 100 Sqft website - Square 87!

A little sneak preview of my new website!

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Getting things finished!

Been away to Glasto for a few days, so immediately got back and set my sights on finishing my piece for 100 Sqft! 

'A Modern Curiosity' 2010

I have submitted the picture so might do a few tweaks before i send it off! Otherwise i dont have to think about it for 2 weeks!

As of tomorrow I'm back on the website images for Liam (amazing web designer man) to form into a beautiful place to promote me!

Also if i have time i might try and submit something to Amelia's Competition...
We'll see how i go!

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

100 SQFT (Work In Progress - still going!)

So this is what is looks like at the moment!
The background is from the books i picked up at The Free Shop. There are many more bits to add to the background to give it more of an antique shop feel.

I went to meet with the lovely ladies of Shop Dutty yesterday to show them my work and see if i can help them out at all. They liked my work and waiting to hear back on getting a bit of fashion customising experience there! Fingers crossed!

While i was in that neck of the woods, i went back to PRSC and gave them a framed version of this - >
Now part of the Dutch Auction, it will be up for 2 weeks.

I also found out today my work will be coming down in the art space at Urban Outfitters on the 5th July... This makes me sad, however lovely Russell (In store display artist) has asked me to come back at the end of October.. This makes me happy!

I also bought this beautiful colour paint called pink blush as i have decided to start painting again!

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Central Reservation and PRSC Jamaica Street Studios Open Day

Yesterday i went to check out the competition at Check out no.3 the art market at Central Reservation.

A couple of things that grabbed my attention were-

Art Equals Happy by Kim Smith

Jamaica Street Studios was great as they had reclaimed furniture decorated by artists which are now part of a silent auction open to the public. There is also an art auction going on till July 23rd i think! A great opportunity for any artist.

Also if anyone is walking down stokes croft, The Free Shop is definitely worth a look! Opened by a homeless man, he takes donations of clothes, toys, books, etc and you can take anything you want for free! I picked up a few frames and old hymm books for artwork.
There is a brief mention of it in Toff No.17.

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

100 SQFT (Work In Progress)


This week im working on my piece for the 100sqft show.
The whole piece is inspired by the antique shop i came across in Devizes last week.

This is the first part.

Also this week-

BrokenLogo has kindly put together a Pdf portfolio for me to send out to clients. 

Also The Evil Beat have asked me to produce some artwork for their upcoming EP!

Wednesday, 2 June 2010


Ive had this account for two years and now ive decided to go forth into the world of blogging.
This blog will play the part of my online sketchbook!

My online presence takes this form of -

You can also find me on Twitter @CreateLinda

My work is now on display in Urban Outfitters @ Cabot Circus, Bristol

Check back for my sketches for 100SQFT show!