Monday, 26 July 2010

Cabot Circus, Ring Ring T-Shirts and My First Sale!

So this week went to the meeting with Sophie at Cabot Circus, which went really well! She told me about a couple of creative happenings which are going on in the next few months.
There is a 'Magazine Live' even running from 18th Aug - 22nd Aug which will have different creative workshops running for kids. They will end up creating a magazine with the results, i should hopefully be able to run a stall there.
There is also some exhibition space at Cabot Circus and a Cabot Circus magazine which could showcase some of my work! Sophie has also kindly forwarded contact details for Harvey Nicholls and told me to speak to Bloomsburys books, which i did!

I got chatting to the store manager, who gave me some invaluable advice on making and selling my cards. I also have other people to get in contact with from her too, so lots to do!

I have decided to branch off a little into T-shirt designs. My first batch of t-shirts were screened printed by 'Square One' on Jamaica Street in Stokes Croft. They'll be going on etsy shortly, just need to shoot them!

And finally! I sold my first piece of art work at the Dutch Auction, which i found out today!

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Look Out Etsy...

I would just like to say i have stepped my Etsy Account up a notch or two! It is now here to sell things not to just sit there and do nothing!

So have a look?

Its interesting to see the items that get lots of views and the ones that dont!
Very educational!

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Fanzine and getting a business head on!

Last week was spent creating a fanzine about the lady who collects tea bags!

It's called Trivial Tales and it really something i want to do every other month to put in suitable places around Bristol...

So if you see one, pick it up and take it home!

Yesterday went to meet with Sophie at Cabot Circus, but it got cancelled at the very last minute! Not happy but i guess this things happen. Rescheduling for next week.

Spike Island are running free sessions for advice for people who want to start their own creative business! I thought this was too good to be true and as it turns out it was as all the spaces had gone!
However going to have a chat with Amy (Spike Island lady) anyway and see if i cant get some advice and check out their studio spaces.

Today i have had my marketing head on. Reading 'Positioning: How to be seen and heard in an overcrowded marketplace'. If i want to suceed at making this into a business i need to know what im talking about!

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Website Images done!

So ive finally finished all the website imagery and sent them over to liam! Very excited to see in up and running in a month or so! Ive not put them on here as i want it to look fresh when it goes online.
I've also seen that Cabot Circus are hosting a Live Music and Art Month, so i have arranged a meeting with the marketing executive to see what i can do to get involved!

Till next time!

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Progress is being made!

Just spotted my work has been added to 100 Sqft website - Square 87!

A little sneak preview of my new website!