Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Made in Bristol, New Pieces and Pick of the Week @ PRSC

Made in Bristol on the 16th went very well, sold more than i expected and ran out of business cards, which was very annoying but got a good amount of sign up for my newsletter, which will kick start in the coming weeks!

Two new pieces were 'Emporium' which is a re-work of an old uni piece and 'Ballet Shoe' which is a detail from 'Emporium'.

'Ballet Shoes' is now in my Etsy Shop along with 'And There I Was' and 'Emporium' is now on sale at the Dutch Auction @ PRSC on Jamaica Street, along with others!
And speaking of PRSC, looking through their blog earlier i was delighted to see 'Waste' was one of their 'Picks of the Week' back in w/c 14/3/11! Nice!

Looking forward to the launch of the weekly Harbourside Art and Craft Market this weekend (which is coincidentally my new area of residence!) This market is also run by Bryony the organsier of Made In Bristol! She's a busy lady!

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Papergirl Bristol Private View and new additions to Etsy

Last night was great seeing all of the work Jess has been given, put up on the walls of the Parlour. There was such a contrast of different pieces but it all worked together really well. I really liked the simple but effective way the artwork was displayed too!
All of the work is up until Tuesday and ill blog when and where the cycling/handing out of work will happen, when i know.

A couple of people really liked 'Bow' which was really nice to hear people's reactions. One lady recognised my work from the Arts House again and another lady saw my work at the Art Market @ St Nichs, so im starting to feel like im making progress!

Ive also started working on my Etsy account again so there are prints and the original 'They Say You Can Never Go Home Again' 2010 available to buy Here

Have a look! Ill be adding more items throughout the coming weeks.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Papergirl Exhibition

So the Papergirl exhibition will be opening today at The Parlour (the bottom of Park Street) until the 13th April (1-7pm) with a private view this Friday.

The organiser Jess has kindly included 'Bow' in her post here-

Thank you!

Monday, 4 April 2011

Post Art Market @ St Nichs

Yesterday i did my first stall at the monthly St Nichs Art Market! It was lots of fun meeting the other stall holders and checking out the local talent. It was definitely a shame about that weather, but i think ill go back in a few months when more people are out in the sunshine!

Had a lovely lady who recognised my work from The Arts House and lots of other people who had really kind words about my work - which always surprises me!