Saturday, 9 April 2011

Papergirl Bristol Private View and new additions to Etsy

Last night was great seeing all of the work Jess has been given, put up on the walls of the Parlour. There was such a contrast of different pieces but it all worked together really well. I really liked the simple but effective way the artwork was displayed too!
All of the work is up until Tuesday and ill blog when and where the cycling/handing out of work will happen, when i know.

A couple of people really liked 'Bow' which was really nice to hear people's reactions. One lady recognised my work from the Arts House again and another lady saw my work at the Art Market @ St Nichs, so im starting to feel like im making progress!

Ive also started working on my Etsy account again so there are prints and the original 'They Say You Can Never Go Home Again' 2010 available to buy Here

Have a look! Ill be adding more items throughout the coming weeks.

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