Monday, 26 July 2010

Cabot Circus, Ring Ring T-Shirts and My First Sale!

So this week went to the meeting with Sophie at Cabot Circus, which went really well! She told me about a couple of creative happenings which are going on in the next few months.
There is a 'Magazine Live' even running from 18th Aug - 22nd Aug which will have different creative workshops running for kids. They will end up creating a magazine with the results, i should hopefully be able to run a stall there.
There is also some exhibition space at Cabot Circus and a Cabot Circus magazine which could showcase some of my work! Sophie has also kindly forwarded contact details for Harvey Nicholls and told me to speak to Bloomsburys books, which i did!

I got chatting to the store manager, who gave me some invaluable advice on making and selling my cards. I also have other people to get in contact with from her too, so lots to do!

I have decided to branch off a little into T-shirt designs. My first batch of t-shirts were screened printed by 'Square One' on Jamaica Street in Stokes Croft. They'll be going on etsy shortly, just need to shoot them!

And finally! I sold my first piece of art work at the Dutch Auction, which i found out today!

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