Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Fanzine and getting a business head on!

Last week was spent creating a fanzine about the lady who collects tea bags!

It's called Trivial Tales and it really something i want to do every other month to put in suitable places around Bristol...

So if you see one, pick it up and take it home!

Yesterday went to meet with Sophie at Cabot Circus, but it got cancelled at the very last minute! Not happy but i guess this things happen. Rescheduling for next week.

Spike Island are running free sessions for advice for people who want to start their own creative business! I thought this was too good to be true and as it turns out it was as all the spaces had gone!
However going to have a chat with Amy (Spike Island lady) anyway and see if i cant get some advice and check out their studio spaces.

Today i have had my marketing head on. Reading 'Positioning: How to be seen and heard in an overcrowded marketplace'. If i want to suceed at making this into a business i need to know what im talking about!

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