Wednesday, 16 June 2010

100 SQFT (Work In Progress - still going!)

So this is what is looks like at the moment!
The background is from the books i picked up at The Free Shop. There are many more bits to add to the background to give it more of an antique shop feel.

I went to meet with the lovely ladies of Shop Dutty yesterday to show them my work and see if i can help them out at all. They liked my work and waiting to hear back on getting a bit of fashion customising experience there! Fingers crossed!

While i was in that neck of the woods, i went back to PRSC and gave them a framed version of this - >
Now part of the Dutch Auction, it will be up for 2 weeks.

I also found out today my work will be coming down in the art space at Urban Outfitters on the 5th July... This makes me sad, however lovely Russell (In store display artist) has asked me to come back at the end of October.. This makes me happy!

I also bought this beautiful colour paint called pink blush as i have decided to start painting again!

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