Tuesday, 15 March 2011

RWA, Paintworks Spring Art Market and St Nichs Art Market

At the weekend i went to the Open Photography Exhibtion at the RWA, which was really nice to see such a vast collection of different photography styles! I also went to the Spring Art Market at the PaintWorks on Bath Road which was good for inspiration and made me want to take part in another market! I also bumped into an old school friend who was running his own stall, so was nice to have a chat about his work and how he's getting on.  Also met creative being Clare Pirie (www.clarepirie.com) who is looking for more artists to get involved with!
I was wondering when the next Made In Bristol Gift Fair would be at Colston Hall and i found out it will be 16th and 17th April. So sent an email, i hope they still have spaces!
So on the other hand i have applied for a stall at the next Art Market in Saint Nicholas Market (1st Sunday of every month) and therefore started gathering bits together and producing as many of my ideas as possible!

There are also 6 of my pieces at PRSC (www.prsc.org.uk) at the moment. They have set up a new selling gallery (www.sellinggallery.co.uk). So take a look!

Will hopefully be blogging more due to the vast amount of work i intend to produce in the next few weeks!

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